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Blog entry by Justus Musinguzi

A Testimony of my Computing Journey

How it all Started

A few years ago, while I was working in an administrative role at a Christian organization, our internet went down! Back then, we had a network support person named Bosco (not his real name) from whom I requested for help.

To make sure he understood our predicament, I discussed with him in great detail about the nature of our problem so that he would know what to do when he arrived. After a few hours, he arrived and went straight to the server room. He then flipped a button to turn on a power backup, and boom! The internet was back and the problem was immediately resolved.

“I wish there was a way to tell us that we needed to try something as easy as flipping that switch. That would have saved us several hours of waiting while stranded!” I wondered, contemplating how many hours we had spent in this predicament waiting for him to arrive, and how simple the thing was that needed to be done to solve this problem was. 

“You are not an IT personnel,” he answered back impolitely, “so you are not allowed to touch anything.” 

The Glaring Need

Bosco's answer confused me because I knew that turning on a switch doesn't require someone to first take an IT Specialist training of to first obtain an IT personnel certification.. We flip on switches in our houses every day to turn on or off the power, so this wasn't unusual. To be honest, the young man's response irritated me.

The scenario reminded me of William Tyndale. While Tyndale was discussing the religious controversies of the day with an "educated clergyman, his greater biblical knowledge and skill forced the clergyman to resolutely and blasphemously declare that it was "better to be without God’s laws than the Pope’s". Tyndale angrily responded to this statement and said, "I defy the Pope and all his laws. . . . If God spare my life ere many years, I will cause the boy that drives the plow to know more of the scriptures than you!" 

After making that pledge, William Tyndale committed the rest of his life to fulfilling it.

The Resolve to Meet the glaring need

Like Tyndale, I defied the notion that a layman should not touch anything as basic as flipping on a switch merely because he is not an IT professional. As a result of that experience, I became interested in working towards the goal of disseminating and propagating computing skills to other Christians from a redemptive-historical and Christ-centered viewpoint; with a burning desire of elevating their knowledge above the average skills. This is  my aspiration and the glaring need that I am  attempting to meet on this website in particular and through our computing outreach ministry in general.

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