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How to fix a laptop that has no Wi-Fi connection options

How to fix a laptop that has no Wi-Fi connection options

Scenario: An Acer laptop cannot connect to the internet. It is not even displaying any Wi-Fi connection options.

Step 1: Identify the problem and Develop a Theory of Probable Cause

Right-click the internet connection icon and select "Troubleshoot connections." The troubleshooting findings will indicate that you need to connect to the internet using a LAN cable.

This signifies that the laptop only has a wired connection and no wireless connectivity.

Step 2: Test the above theory of probable cause to find the real cause

Press Windows+R to open the "Run" Command. Type “ncpa.cpl” into the run command window to see the available internet connection modes on this laptop.


The network has just a wired connection. There isn't a Wi-Fi connection mechanism. This means that Wi-Fi drivers must be installed on the laptop in order for it to connect to the wireless internet.

Step 3: Test the above theory of probable cause to find the real cause

Download the Wi-Fi drivers for that acer laptop.

  • Visit the Acer official website to look for this Laptop's device drivers. Click the "drivers and manuals" link in the Acer website's footer.
  • Write down the name of your laptop, the model number, the operating system type (eg 32-bit or 64-bit?) and enter these details on the acer website in order to get the right drivers for your laptop. For example: Choose the category of your device, eg. Notebook; Choose the series, eg. Aspire; Select the Model number eg. Aspire 5511. After you have finished entering this information, the exact picture of your laptop will be displayed,
    along with the corresponding drivers and manuals. Choose your Operating System type eg. Windows 7 32-bit
  • Expand the Drivers tab and Scroll down to the Wireless Lan section and download the appropriate drivers for your system. Eg: Wireless LAN Driver (XB63 XB91 HB93
  • Install these drivers on your laptop. When the installation is complete, the Wi-Fi connection symbol will appear, along with a list of accessible Wi-Fi connections. The  Wireless connectivity problem has been rectified.

Step 4: Verify that the Internet is working

  • Choose a Wi-Fi connection
  • Insert a Wi-Fi password
  • Try to establish an internet connection. If the Wi-Fi connection status shows "connected," the laptop is online.
  • Launch any web browser, such as Chrome, and visit any website, such as and attempt to browse it. If this site's web pages can be viewed, then the internet access problem has been fixed.

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