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The Ability to Touch Type is an Absolute MUST!

The Ability to Touch Type is an Absolute MUST!

Typing is the modern means of entering data, retrieving information, and communicating facts and ideas. To be a successful participant in the business and professional world of today and tomorrow, you must know how to touch type. 

Touch Typing Defined

Touch typing is the ability to type the correct letters in the correct order using the correct symbols, numbers and or punctuation without the need to actually look at the keyboard in order to locate the desired keys. When you know how to touch type, you don't need to look back and forth between the key board and the screen. Your fingers will know where to go to find the correct letters numbers and symbols because your have trained them to recall the location of those keys on the keyboard from memory.

Adverse Effects of Failing to Learn Touch Typing 

In addition to negatively affecting one's professional carrier,  not being able to touch type can also adversely affect students who need to turn in type written homework assignments by a certain deadline. In fact, no matter your profession, lacking this one specific skill, can translate  into a significant waste of time every single day.

If you are interested in becoming an office worker, the ability to touch type is an absolute MUST. You probably won't even be considered for this kind of job without touch typing skills. In this role, typing speed and typing accuracy, are both important since you will be responsible for typing correspondence, proposals, reports, presentations, business letters, marketing materials, and more. 

Today, because the way communication has evolved, touch typing speed and accuracy is important no matter what type of job you have or intend to have. 

Slow typists are usually automatically rejected from many jobs, are less efficient at work, make fewer friends on social media, and often have painful RSI.

Learning How to Touch Type is an Indispensable Requirement!

In addition to this, touch typing is now closely tied to computer literacy and this makes the need to learn touch typing an indispensable requirement in computing technology driven age. 

Generally speaking, if you use computers, then learning to touch type is THE most important investment you can make in yourself and in your future. 

So put in all the time and energy you can find to learn this skill. It's worth all your effort.

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