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Modernity Necessitates Mastery of Computer Skills

In may ways, computers have effectively taken over the world . If a person does not interact with computer technology in this modern age, he or she cannot succeed in any career in the world. Computing skills are so vital in today's world that none of us could live a "normal" life without them.

As a result, Christians and Christian institutions must seize control of this rapidly expanding industry and harness its power as it evolves in this "electronic" and "connected" age. Failure to do so will be detrimental to both Christians and their Christian institutions. Christians and Christian organizations will spend endless hours troubleshooting non-standard, poorly planned, poorly documented, and poorly installed technologies. Furthermore, a significant amount of money and resources will be squandered trying to address and rectify existing problems and annoyances that would not have occurred if everything had been done correctly during the initial installation.

Modern computing

We must recognize that the changes that Information Technology is bringing to every area of our society are creating a demand for more computing professionals who are capable of not just operating and maintaining, but also specifying and designing complicated (yet easy to learn and use) software and information-based systems. This is vital not only for institutional efficiency, but also for the glory of God and the world-wide spread of the gospel. For this reason,  Christians must avoid becoming extinct or being a scarce resource in this critical sector of computing!

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