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A Testimony of my Computing Journey

How it all Started

A few years ago, while I was working in an administrative role at a Christian organization, our internet went down! Back then, we had a network support person named Bosco (not his real name) from whom I requested for help.


The Tower of Babel and Titanic: Technology-Driven Projects that were Doomed by Pride!

The Titanic was a technological wonder and a masterpiece of modern engineering, but the fate of this ship's expedition was doomed by pride and arrogance.

On April 10, 1912, this ship began its journey from Southampton, England, heading for New York, and at 882 feet long, it was ...

The Ability to Touch Type is an Absolute MUST!

Typing is the modern means of entering data, retrieving information, and communicating facts and ideas. To be a successful participant in the business and professional world of today and tomorrow, you must know how to touch type. 

Touch Typing Defined

What is the purpose of a computing fundamentals education?

This Fundamentals of Computing education is the foundation of numerous careers and the source of skills that are critically needed in today's digital world. This education is designed to help students improve their computing abilities, learn about the components of computers, and use information...

How to Perform Initial Checks on a New Computer

To Check the Computer System's Information

Start a command prompt (cmd) and put "systeminfo" in the command line, then hit the Enter key on your computer. This will show you your computer's general system information.

To see if y...

What is a Computer?

Brief History of a Computer

Since 1646, the word "computer" has been a part of the English language. It comes from the Latin word "compute," which means "to compute." A cursory look at the name of the electronic equipment we call a computer would lead you to believe that it is o...

How to fix a laptop that has no Wi-Fi connection options

Scenario: An Acer laptop cannot connect to the internet. It is not even displaying any Wi-Fi connection options.

Step 1: Identify the problem and Develop a Theory of Probable Cause

Right-click the internet connection icon and select "Troubleshoot connections...

Modernity Necessitates Mastery of Computer Skills

In may ways, computers have effectively taken over the world . If a person does not interact with computer technology in this modern age, he or she cannot succeed in any career in the world. Computing skills are so vital in today's world that none of us could live a "normal" life without them.